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Retirement Plan Services

Retirement Plan Services

Retirement Plan Services

retirement plan services

At Macino Financial, our retirement plan services meet the needs of organizations providing these services as well as individual investors. David Macino understands that offering an attractive retirement savings plan is essential to attract top talent. He assists you in creating and managing 401(k), Simple IRA, SEP IRA plans, and other tax-deferred savings plans for your employees. Clients describe David as knowledgeable, comfortable to work with, honest, and caring.

Helping You Clarify What to Offer for Your Retirement Plan Services

Many employers feel overwhelmed when they consider creating a retirement savings plan for their employees. You have several things to consider, such as:

  • Eligibility requirements for participants
  • The specific type of plan to offer
  • Whether your company will provide any matching funds to encourage people to enroll
  • How to present the options to your employees

Prior to becoming a financial services advisor over 19 years ago, David worked for 25 years in the automotive industry. He understands the challenges of managing a successful business, including offering attractive retirement plan services. His combined career experiences make him a natural for evaluating your company’s needs and establishing this important employee benefit. He checks in with you periodically to determine the success of your plan offerings and can help you make adjustments if necessary.

Providing Engaging Education for Plan Participants

It’s not uncommon for people to forgo enrolling in a 401(k) plan at work simply because they don’t understand the benefit of doing so. This is especially true of young adults who may not have been raised with a savings mindset. Even when they gain additional funds through your company’s matching contributions, they may feel hesitant to sign up for another payroll deduction. David presents information in a responsive manner that makes people feel relaxed. By the end of the session, they understand that they don’t want to leave money on the table.

Your employees are all at different life stages. What may seem like an excellent retirement plan for one could not be feasible to another. He presents a range of financial solutions to meet the highest degree of need.

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Retirement. Your vision. Our passion.

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