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What Our Clients Are Saying

My wife and I feel very comfortable talking to David. He is very knowledgeable about Social Security and all other areas of retirement.


I like the fact that David is certified in Social Security and is a member of FINRA.


We trust his suggestions, but ultimately it’s our decision. He lays out all the information and answers all of our questions, but doesn’t push us to do one thing or another. It’s up to us with his guidance.



We’ve been to other seminars and have spoken with other financial advisers and we just get the sense that they look at us as a way to grow their business. It didn’t seem like they were in it to help us!


There’s something about his mannerisms. He didn’t turn a blind eye to me, as a woman, and only address my husband because it’s ‘his money’. He spoke to both of us equally, which we both appreciated.


My husband and I had gone to other seminars in the past, but with David we just had a good feeling. He doesn’t act superior or come across like a know-it-all. He suggests different things to us. Which we appreciate.


I would follow David to another office if I needed to. He’s been that great for me.


Working with David has opened our eyes to a lot of things. He’s guided us into investments that are a little less risky what then we were in before. As I approach retirement, I want to experience less-and-less risk and he has helped us do that.


David act as our financial guide by helping us to make the proper decisions for where we are today and where we want to be in retirement.


David has a broad base of knowledge and experience and can bring a lot to the table for a client.


Being independent, David can look at a host of other companies and product alternatives. He already had established relationships in place and could bring the right ones to the table to fit our need. He was also able to cut through a lot of time-consuming paper work. He was able to provide us with exactly what we were looking for without it taking a lot of our time.



My main concern before retirement was not to run out of money. When we sat down with David, he gave us many options. I had my mind made up that I was going to retire when I turned 64 and working with David I was able to do that. Now we’re working on when my wife can retire.



We started working with David about 5 years ago after one of his Social Security seminars. I wanted to retire in a couple years so I wanted to hear more about Social Security. I’ve attended other seminars before, but they never really focused that much on Social Security. David’s seminar was very informational and provided a great overview on Social Security.



When David and I started working together, I wasn’t happy with the ups and downs with my 401(K). David has been able to stabilize that for me to a point where I feel much more confident.



With other financial advisers that I’ve worked with, I felt 'limited' with the options they provided. David is not tied into anything, so he’s able to make a lot of different kinds of suggestions and recommendations.


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